How Can I Help You and Your Student?

I am a trained professional who can help you and your student choose a college or university that is a good personal match where he or she can thrive and that can foster the most successful academic achievement and social, professional and personal growth.

I provide objective evaluation and counseling to identify your student’s strengths and work on weaknesses in preparation for a college application, as well as assist with educational objectives, choices and plans.

I provide unbiased advice and recommendations based on your student’s needs and abilities.

I am independent. I work for you and not any college and have no interest or restrictions involving the overall acceptance rate of your student’s entire class or where a counselor determines your student should go to college. 

I can provide a student with individual attention and can devote the hours of time with the applicant and the family getting to know the student’s personality, interests, qualifications and aspirations which school counselors cannot.

I have firsthand knowledge of educational opportunities, strategies based on years of experience with the admissions process and specific experience with the admissions of individual colleges and universities.

I have broad knowledge of the range for colleges and their admission standards, extensive firsthand knowledge of many colleges and universities from personal visits, meetings with admissions officers and insights gained from historical involvement in the process with prior applicants.

I can reduce the anxiety of students and families and the intra-family tension arising from this stressful and important decision, while assisting with the burdens of the process, and seeing that the student fulfills required tasks and meets required deadlines.