My Services

I offer a full range of admission process services.  These include:

  Initial conferences with parents and family.

  Review and evaluation of academic and extracurricular achievements.

  Advice for academic course selection.

  Recommendations of which standard testing, SAT or ACT, to pursue and submit.

  Referrals for academic tutoring and standardized test preparation.

● Suggestions for extracurricular activities, summer programs or volunteer opportunities.

  Development of a personalized list of target colleges with selective, stretch, likely and safe categories.

  Campus visit preparation.

  Consultation on topics for both Common Application essays and college specific essays with critique of content and style.

  Action timelines for standard testing, procurement of recommendations, essay topic selection and critique, and submission of applications.

  Follow up and reminders on meeting deadlines for accomplishment of action items.

  Interview preparation.

  Assistance with final decisions on applications and matriculation choices.

  Basic scholarship and financial aid information.

● Checklists for attendance after matriculation ranging from tips for time management, study habits, and even what to pack and bring to college.

I am flexible in my service options. I offer an all-encompassing, comprehensive package or selection of some of the specific areas above for hourly consultations.

The Comprehensive Option.  This choice encompasses all of the above services providing help with every aspect at every stage of the process.

The Hourly Option.  This choice allows flexible selection of specific areas from among the above services for those students who do not need the comprehensive approach.